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8 X Trends Wedding Videography 2018

Posted on November 01, 2018 at 01:42 PM



Yes, the new year is coming! And you know: a new year means a load with new and fresh trends! We have also spotted a number of cool trends in the area of ​​wedding videography . And believe us: your wedding day goes by faster than you think. With a wedding video as a reminder you can be sure that everything is captured beautifully ... Especially with one of these trends as the main theme!

1: The beauty shoot

We also chatted for this item with Royal Rushes - wedding clips from Amsterdam , which showed us a number of trends. An upcoming trend is to have a BRIDE BEAUTY SHOOT (BBS) made one year later . You as a bride are in the center again and your husband is completely happy with the surprise. You will be filmed and photographed throughout the day by a professional film and photocrew ,  with photos and film shot by you.

2: A step back: immortalize the proposal

With this trend we take a step back. And not just a step ... No, we're going back to the moment of the proposal ! Have you not been asked yet and do you suspect that your hub will soon make an attempt? Give him a sneaky hint that it seems 'so nice to you to be able to look back at least 10 times'. Is your sweet bad with hints? Leave that 'by mistake' this article open in your tab. Can not miss!

3: Your wedding anniversary on screen

Have you been married for ten years? Hurray, time for another party! Another trend that is upcoming according to  Royal Rushes - wedding clips from Amsterdam is to have your anniversary filmed as well. "It is nice and relaxed and it is also very nice to see who you were dealing with and with whom now." Totally agree! Do you remember? The real wedding of Astrid Blaauw in which she married for the second time? She too has recorded this 'jubilee' on film.

4: Double fun with a second shooter

Why go for a single videographer if you can have your wedding day recorded by two videographers? In this way you see the same beautiful moments from different angles and you also know that no one detail is overlooked! Oh, and how about the moments that you and your love are not together, like during the preparations? Can one cameraman nicely record your make-up session while the other crew member shows the pass session of your tad nervous upcoming. Many hands make light (and beautiful) work!

5: Consider filming from a tripod

The men from  Royal Rushes - wedding clips from Amsterdam  also said that 'contemplative filming' is an upcoming trend in wedding wonderland. This involves filming from a tripod with a long lens. The result? You almost do not realize that there is filming, which gives it a very relaxed atmosphere (and a great result). Again they have a too nice example movie for us.

6: Your first meeting place as a film location

Have you spotted each other for the first time in that one, slightly bad pub in Amsterdam or in the local swimming pool in your village? How cool is it to use this location as your film location? Even more fun is to redo your first meeting in short. A good dose of humor guaranteed!

7: No more DVD, but a USB stick or online display

Do you remember, formerly ... When too long wedding clips were delivered on a VHS tape or DVD? That is now a thing of the past! Meanwhile these clips are delivered on a USB stick or even online. Very compact and very easy to switch on! This form of delivery is also the best in today's society, because - even further in the future - most media players, telephones, tablets and computers can display snapshots by means of a USB stick or online. Long live the online era!

8: A videographer and wedding photographer who work together

Videographers and photographers competitors? No, they can work well together! The Royal Rushes crew says: "We work a lot with photographers, for example, when they do not have time to shoot photos in the morning, we can attack them, after which they will be present later. them, so that they make a complete gallery of everything. " A perfect joining of strength as far as we are concerned!

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The Purpose of the Video, Extend Your Event

Posted on October 08, 2018 at 05:50 PM

When organizing an event, be it corporate, sports or musical, it is important to be able to increase the reach of the event. A singapore event videography retracing the highlights of your event will have a positive impact on a wider audience. Imagine, if your event brings together 500 people and then you have 10'000 people watching the video. Your communication will have much more impact and your customers, sponsors, partners; brands will take advantage of this additional fallout.

A video, a multitude of possible broadcast channels

One of the big advantages of the video is the broadcast possibilities it offers. Here are a few and our suggestions for optimizer

Social networks

With Facebook in mind, singapore event videography is a media of choice on social networks. By publishing your video directly on the platform and boosting the publication (Pay to increase the broadcast of your video), you will get results and a ROI more than satisfactory. The trick is to target the people you want to reach and Facebook offers a lot of possibilities in this direction (Location, Age, Sex, but also interests).

Video platform

Youtube is the second largest search engine worldwide (just behind Google). This means that many people will use Youtube to search for information about your company or event. Depending on your objectives and especially the frequency with which you publish new videos, it may be interesting to create channels on singapore event videography platforms. Youtube tends to be more viral than Vimeo, but Vimeo enjoy a more qualitative platform and video encoding. So the choice will be based on your goals.

Own website

A video is a good way to tell your story, to convey an emotion and a message. A video on a web page will greatly increase its interest, its reading rate and the duration on the page. All factors that will help refer to it on google. Video is also a good way to promote your next event.


If you have a list of emails from your customers and prospects, emailing is a very good channel. In addition, a singapore event videography is always well received and is rarely considered spam by your prospects. And best of all, a video increases the opening rate of an emailing campaign by 80%.

PR, Press, Bloggers

Often forgotten, the press and influencers can be a good channel for broadcasting your event video. An upstream relational work is necessary so that the video is expected and shared the day of its release but it is a call that can be very powerful.

Video corporate event:

By definition an event happens at a time T, it will ask you a titanic preparation time and that the event lasts 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week, it will go at the speed of lightning. Having a video that tells your story will allow you to complete a series of objectives. First, the video event will expand in time and in the number of people affected by increasing the visibility. And secondly it will be a good way to thank your sponsors, the people present, as much "client" as the staff. But another goal that you will be able to fill with your video is the fact that you will want to make people who are not present want to come to the next invitations!

Corporate evening video:

As with event video, the goal is to extend your corporate night by making a video. Your employees are the image of your company and they will have fun to find these good moments a few days later on the internal network of your company and why not also externally.

Video of your musical event - festival:

As for the sporting event, a music festival works thanks to 3 elements, sponsorship (and support), volunteers and the public! What better than to send them a few weeks later a nice summary of their work and their involvement. It will certainly be a very emotional moment!

Film creators, multi-purpose video production company

For us, being versatile means having the ability to adapt to your needs and goals. This while bringing our expertise and know-how in terms of:

Video production

Artistic direction

Digital marketing strategy

The field of activity is wide and our trademark is the high quality treatment of your project as much by the care taken in the shooting as by history. All of our projects are shot in ultra high definition 6K and converted to suit your 4K or HD needs.

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6 Practical Tips to Get a Movie Wedding Videography

Posted on August 02, 2018 at 01:19 PM

Practical suggestions to improve your wedding videography

We inaugurate our Blog with some practical tips to get a movie wedding videography, accompanied of course, by a good professional who does the job. We do not like to give advice, we prefer to receive them; are just some practical suggestions that we came up with the experience and the various types of problems when recording

1-  Time : it is very important to have enough time to record or photograph without excessive haste to get good shots or good photos. The day of the wedding is, in many occasions, a day with enough stress and with a lot of haste. Therefore, we prefer that we over time to lack. One of the most delicate moments is the entrance of the bride and to get there having controlled the light, people etc that time is needed that sometimes (many times) we do not have because the bride finishes dressing and makeup a few minutes from the ceremony. All this is avoided by  beginning the preparations before .

2-  The Light : for us light is one of the most important things when it comes to recording. In the house of the couple we always ask for the room with more natural light because it enriches the videography in a significant way. In case of farms and hotels we almost always have a privileged light.

3-  Prepare the spaces at home  before the arrival of the videographer or photographer. Keep in mind that everything that we have in view will be recorded. Many times we find many things in between and we waste time in hiding them. It's normal because we're not used to recording in our homes; a jacket behind the door or a box over the closet forms part of the foundations of the house. If we know it, we gain time.

4-  Confetti  better than rice. We are nobody to change traditions but we suggest the use of confetti that are photographically very grateful. The rice can be an extra and everyone happy.

5- Take time after the ceremony for some photos and some videos only of the couple while there is clarity. Sometimes only  20 minutes with the couple alone in a beautiful environment improve the beauty of the final work by 50% . To achieve this, we have to take it into account when planning.

6-  Enjoy the day of the wedding  that is unique and unrepeatable. Do not let the videographer or photographer steal you a lot of time.

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5 Typical Foods you Should Try in New York

Posted on August 02, 2018 at 01:18 PM

There are so many things to love about New York City that it is hard to make a list, without a doubt the typical food of New York is something that we can not ignore. It is the birthplace of hip hop, musicals were invented there, and the subway operates 24 hours a day. It is, literally, "The city that never sleeps" and, therefore, you can eat almost anything at any time. For me, that is without a doubt the best of New York. Therefore, I am going to recommend five things that you have to eat in New York, no matter what time it is.


When thinking of a "New York delicacy" that defines the typical food of New York, many people come to mind the traditional breakfast of coffee with bagel . The best way to start the day: getting into the dizzying pace of the city armed with a bagel as well as cheap, is delicious. In New York, they usually boil the bagels before baking them, which is why they are so gummy on the inside and hard on the outside. Forget the paleo diet, a day without carbohydrates (or at least a NYC bagel) is not worth it.

The most typical food in New York: the famous New York pizza

The next "New York delicacy" on the list is another typical New York lunch, the traditional slice of pizza. It's cheap, you can eat one for about $ 2.5 at one of the 185,000 pizza joints in Lower Manhattan. The rapid pace of life in New York has clearly influenced culinary choices; the pieces of pizza can be eaten in about five minutes, standing and without cutlery for both lunch and dinner. But be careful, the pizza sauce and grease feel an irresistible attraction for freshly laundered white shirts.


New York is a melting pot of cultures, languages ​​and sectors, and it is not surprising that its demographics are reflected in food. The arepa, the product of multiple Latin American influences, has become a famous staple in the diet of New Yorkers. Stuffed with soft and salty white cheese, shredded beef, black beans and sweet plantains, the arepas sandwiches are compact and - you guessed it - easy to eat on the go.

Adjarian khachapuri

Continuing with the multicultural theme, this Georgian delicacy (of the country, not the American state) can be eaten at Cheeseboat Brooklyn , and is exactly what the name of the restaurant implies, a cheese boat. The cheese bread carries an egg, a bucket of butter and other healthy ingredients. Warning: do not ask how many calories are in this food.

Grilled cheese donut

Yes, you read it well, the best of the cheese sandwich on the plant with the best of the donut, the grilled cheese donut is a harmonious union beneficial for all. There is nothing more American. Also, since the ultimate goal of our trip is cultural immersion, you have to try at least one. Agree? Agree! You can eat these delicacies at the Clinton Hall . You're welcome.

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Posted on August 02, 2018 at 01:18 PM

I believe that all of us, ex-sedentary people, have gone through the moment now, for health, to burn the extra fat, improve performance, well-being, or even a relationship. The point is that if you are reading this text, you are most likely to take care of or think about taking care of your body, and the vast majority of people who seek this improvement are not athletes, they are not competitors and they work sitting in front of a computer. per day. This is my case, my name is Gabriel Ar

I believe that all of us, ex-sedentary people, have gone through the moment now, for health, to burn the extra fat, improve performance, well-being, or even a relationship. The point is that if you are reading this text, you are most likely to take care of or think about taking care of your body, and the vast majority of people who seek this improvement are not athletes, they are not competitors and they work sitting in front of a computer. per day. This is my case, my name is Gabriel Arones, I'm 29 years old, I'm Graphic Designer and I have a Youtube channel with 120 thousand subscribers about my passion: being a fitness & sports person.

I'll list here 5 simple tips that helped me turn from a fake-thin / almost chubby to a level of definition I never imagined.

1. Consistency

The main factor that keeps people from achieving their fitness & sports goals is consistency!

No matter what the area, to succeed, we have to work day after day for months and who knows, even for years towards the goal. True success takes time, effort and dedication.

During my trajectory I tried several approaches, to improve my body composition, every time I failed was due to lack of consistency. What caused her lack? Trying to go too fast, to have unrealistic goals, to take radical actions from one moment to the next, every time I started a diet, it was with the "get it done" mentality, most of the time I got frustrated and went back to square one. The "secret" is to find a plan that is both challenging and enjoyable to follow. In my case, I use bodybuilding as the main physical activity, because I like the challenge and the results it provides. My diet is regulated, but at the same time flexible, that is, I can fit, in moderation, food that I enjoy every day,

2. Always challenge yourself!

The human body is an incredible machine, as soon as it perceives some pattern of behavior or new activity, it will seek to adapt to perform better that new stimulus, this is how the body changes. An efficient way to always evolve and improve performance and consequently physical appearance is to always try to overcome, for example: Did you run 1km in 6 minutes this week? Next week aim to beat that time, 1 second less, which is little, it's still progress. In the gym, for example, did bench press with 20kgs on each side? Try to add 1kg more in the bar next week, 1kg next week, decrease the rest, 1 more repetition, anyway, always try to leave the training more challenging, do not get used to the training. If you want changes in your body, you need to give reasons for your body to change. But remember,

3. Do not take the elevator.

Most of our day is not spent inside a gym or crossfit box, sports court or track. It's out of this environment. So many people do their day workout and throw themselves in the chair and turn into real lazy, if your goal is to lose fat and improve body composition, staying active whenever possible can help a lot. Simple choices like climbing the stairs of your building instead of picking up the lift, choosing the bike or even walking to nearby places instead of driving can and do make the difference in the long run. Remember, all help is valid!

4. Moderation is the key.

Take it easy, have real goals, short and long term, do not rush to the ultimate goal, the more radical you try to be, the more danger you run from failing, and the less you fail, the faster you will get there .. So , think hard before trying to do something too radical, results take time.

5. Wrong?

Did you miss it? Could not you train the day before? Left the diet? This is normal, we are human beings, mistakes happen, and when they happen, we should regard them as a step towards their ultimate goal. experience, and the best decision to make is simply to return to the plan normally, without trying to compensate, restrict or punish yourself for your mistake. I have tried to "compensate" several times and this has always harmed me more than the very "error" I tried to repair. I had a history of binge eating and an accordion effect because of that ... So in my experience trying to make up for some slip, it NEVER works.

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Learn How to Use Detergent Effectively in House Cleaning

Posted on August 02, 2018 at 01:17 PM

Doing a complete house cleanliness does not require a large kit of cleanliness products, much less sophisticated and ultramodern items. The good old detergent, for example, is a powerful ally of household hygiene, because it has several versions, can be used on different surfaces and found in values ​​that suit all pockets.

First of all, it is important to know what types of detergents are available on the market and what they are for. According to personal organizer Bárbara Volnei, there are four:

Biodegradable Detergents

They have this name because they are susceptible of degradation by the microorganisms present in the waters. The detergents become biodegradable when the amount of phosphate present in the detergent is reduced. Recalling that only dishwashing gel detergents are biodegradable. Soaps powder and bar remain in the wild for a long period of time therefore they require prior treatment before disposal.

Neutral detergent

It is the most used in day-to-day cleanliness in homes and does not damage the floor.

Detergent Acid

It is suitable for heavy cleaning, such as post-work dirt (cement, oils, greases, etc.).

Alkaline Detergent

Removes all types of dirt, except those of mineral origin. It should be used with care so as not to damage the floor.

Still according to Barbara, there is another point to consider about detergents: your PH. It directly influences the identification of which product is most suitable for each type of surface. "For example: neutral (PH stabilized at 7): for removal of soils such as dust and dust, and other wastes; acid (PH between 0 and 7): ideal for cleaning rust, blood, cement, earth; alkaline (PH between 7 and 14): cleaning of dirt as animal or vegetable fat (fried foods, sauces, oils, greases, etc.), "she says.

But in addition to checking the PH of the detergent you are going to buy and following the above tips, it is imperative to read the instructions on the packaging before starting the cleaning, so you do not run the risk of ruining any area, it is what advises the personal too organizer Rafaela Oliveira: "Products with chlorine should be avoided on surfaces such as granite, marble and colored floors. It is also very important to know how to use chlorine products, otherwise they can stain a certain surface forever. Concentrated dishwashers are perfect in cleaning and safer".

For Rafaela, one of the great advantages of detergents is their saving power, since with a small quantity of the product it is possible to do an effective cleaning: "concentrated cleaning products are ideal to be diluted in water. It also has cleaning products in common packagings and spray cans (these are more economical as there is less waste at the time of application). Concentrated dishwashers are stronger and with just a few droplets they do dishwash efficiently."

The economy of the product is also due to the conscious use at the time of cleaning. That is, the amount of detergent and foam it does will not dictate the quality of the hygiene. On the contrary, excess product can leave the surface dull and stained. Therefore, in addition to the dilution in water, it is important to remove all the solution from the clean area with a damp cloth, so the cleaning will be complete and well done!

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7 Mistakes You Make When Cleaning Electronic Appliances

Posted on August 02, 2018 at 01:16 PM

Television, computer keyboard, remote control. These are just a few of the day-to-day common electronic gadgets that accumulate dirt and bacteria but need some cleanliness care. Did you miss the time to clean these items from your home? Find out below:

1. Do you spray the cleaner directly onto the TV or computer screen?

No matter what happens, never apply the cleaner directly to LCD surfaces, plasma or any type of sensitive projection screen. Add the product - specific for this type of appliance - onto a microfiber cloth and then clean the place.

2. Do you forget to hit the computer's keyboard crumbs?

You may even resist, but making a snack in front of the computer is inevitable. It does happen, there is no way. The next time your cleanliness on your keyboard, turn it with the keys towards the table and lightly tap it. Gradually you will see that the crumbs will magically jump out. If you have a toaster at home, the tip is the same. Another good tactic is to pass vacuum cleaner between the keys.

3. Do not clean the blender blades separately from the blender?

It may not seem like it, but it is likely that after hitting that vitamin and washing the blender cup without paying enough attention to the blades, some leftover food remains left underneath. Over time, dirt builds up and this may even compromise the life of your device. So wash each part of your liquefy with warm soapy water and then let it dry well before reassembling and storing. The same goes for food processors, okay?

4. Do not clean the TV remote control?

It's simple, just think of how many people, at different times of the day, take the remote control. Take a disinfectant and apply it a little on top of a cloth. Then just rub it, but make sure you wipe it well between the buttons and the entire length of the appliance. Repeat this operation at least once a week, it's quick.

5. Do you not sanitize the removable part of your headset?

Headphones that have a removable silicone cap can be thoroughly sanitized. Find out if yours brings this possibility, and if so, wash the silicone part, where bacteria build up, using mild detergent and water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly before attaching the back parts.

6. Do you only think about the outside of the coffee maker?

That is, there are no blemishes or dust in sight on your appliance, but when it comes to kitchen electronics, the interior is where the flavors of food can be harmed. Remember to clean the coffee grinder thoroughly after each use and descale the machine every month (the correct procedure for each type of appliance is described in the instruction manual).

7. Have you ever disinfected the phones in the house?

This situation is somewhat tied to the issue of remote control. Often shared, these devices come in contact with various hands and ears. To disinfect phones in general, use a microfiber cloth with a little alcohol.

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Quick Tutorial for VR & 360 Live-Action Photography and Videography

Posted on August 01, 2018 at 06:25 PM

Since last year, VR has been a buzzword that frequents public radar. Compared to traditional photography, virtual reality videography are much more absorbing and attractive to the public.

" VeeR hopes to provide you with unforgettable memories every time you open our application," based on "providing access to bite-sized entertainment to all corners of the earth." While you indirectly experience the lives of others, we hope you can become an active recorder of the moments of your life and share your own stories!

This tutorial is divided into two parts, one for new users of 360 cameras with no previous experience, to help you make your first virtual reality video; the other for experienced photographers to perfect their productions. We hope to see your work of art!

The first steps: How to make your virtual reality video

What you will learn from this tutorial.

In this chapter, we'll show you how to make your first VR video in 5 minutes and share it with your friends on social media.

Good cameras are essential to your success as a photographer, and that is why we are offering reviews of the main customer cameras in the market so you can choose.

Step 1: turn on your camera and connect your phone

Virtual reality may sound intimidating, but in reality it is much easier to carry than you imagine. Today we use Samsung Gear 360 for the demonstration, in order to show you how to create your own virtual reality videography in just 4 steps.

Editor's note: Although Gear 360 is only compatible with the flagship models of Samsung-S6 and later - its design and production process have become an industry classic, whose user experience is highly duplicate with other cameras. Turn on your camera, open the corresponding application to your camera on your smartphone (in this case it is the Gear 360 Administrator), and connect your devices. Now the screen of your phone has become a monitor!

Step 2: select the mode and make adjustments

Choose the "Video" mode, then proceed to see a spherical image where you can toggle perspectives by simply tapping and dragging on the screen. You can make adjustments on the fly.

Step 3: start recording

Touch the record button on your phone to record the moments you want.

Step 4: Finish recording, stitch your video and save it to your album

Touch the record button again to stop recording, and preview your first virtual reality video on your phone!

Ain't it great to see your first virtual reality video on your phone? I bet you're anxious to share it with your friends.

Press "save" on your phone and you'll see that it appears on your album in 2 minutes. Come and upload it to VeeR and share it with millions of people!

Step 5:  Share it on social networks: Facebook, YouTube and VeeR

The developers of VeeR have enabled the mobile charging feature for virtual reality enthusiasts. Follow these steps to upload to VeeR:

1. Go to your profile

Touch the person figure icon to access your page, and choose "Upload".

2. Edit your video

After uploading your video, write something for the description of your video, it could be about the story behind the video, your social media profile, the equipment used for the video, etc. You can also upload an image for the preview of the video!

While doing so, do not forget to include some hashtags to increase your chances of being discovered and presented by our content curators.

In case you have not seen it, VeeR launched its VeeR VR Editor product to edit 360 footage on your phone , which makes editing and uploading 360 videos incredibly easy.

3. Publish the video

Wait while your video is rendered; remember not to leave the application before it is published. You can access the analysis of your videos on the web. When you have a decent amount of loads, you can even organize them into playlists with shareable QR codes.

Step 6: Everything ready to enjoy your work

Place your phone in the slot of your headphones if you have one at hand, or simply pull the screen of the phone to watch your videos in 360 degrees.

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Food Substitutes: Are They a Good Idea to Lose Weight?

Posted on August 01, 2018 at 06:20 PM

Food substitutes are prepared in different types that are advertised and are intended to replace a meal , be it breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

Even so, these food substitutes, which may seem a good option, are not in most cases and will never be a better option than real food.

There are some parameters set by law that determine the amounts of calories and specific nutrients that must contain to be considered food substitutes:

The calories of food substitutes should range between 200 and 400 kcal.

The amount of protein in these products should range between 25 g and 50 g per 100 g of product.

They must contain a maximum of 30 g of fat per 100 g of product, regardless of the origin of the product.

Neither a minimum nor a maximum content of sugar or carbohydrates is established .

Regarding vitamins and minerals , food substitutes should provide 30% of the different vitamins and minerals that are needed throughout the day.

Types of food substitutes that we find in the market

There are different ways of presenting food substitutes, but the most common are shakes and bars. Their flavors are also varied, although they dominate especially sweets, such as vanilla, strawberry, banana or different types of chocolate; It is a strategy used by brands to make people believe that with these food substitutes you do not have to give up anything. However, processed products never have a place in a healthy diet.

With what are they elaborated?

Usually, both bars and milkshakes are not made with quality products. To check it, it is only necessary to look at the list of ingredients of the product. Mainly, they contain free sugar and refined fats of poor quality , since, as we mentioned at the beginning, the legislation does not indicate where these fats should come from, which are usually palm or sunflower.

In addition, these sweet flavors can make the palate miserable and, in the long run, have more need to take more products of this type to satisfy this degree of sweetness that is not found naturally in any food.

Are meal replacements a good option to lose weight?

Although food substitutes contain few calories, to lose weight you have to look beyond. These products, on the one hand, are of a very low quality and, on the other, although they may seem a useful complement for a while, if you recover your eating habits once the goal is achieved, it is likely that you will recover the lost weight and have not served for nothing .

To lose weight, learn to eat!

Learning to eat well is much healthier and cheaper than opting for food substitutes, which are usually quite expensive products. Losing weight is not the only thing that should worry you, health and well-being are much more important.

Base your diet on the consumption of vegetables: vegetables, fruit, whole grains and legumes. Accompany them with meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Avoid processed products and products that contain many components in their list of ingredients on the label.

If you think you need help to lose weight or improve your diet, seek the advice of health professionals specializing in this field, dieticians-nutritionists . Go for a healthy diet and feel good!

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Meet 2 Sports that are Trend in the Fitness World

Posted on August 01, 2018 at 06:20 PM

Summer is coming and, along with it, the motivation to stretch the workout and diversify your exercise routine a bit. The more action and free air, the better. Some sports are drawing attention because of adrenaline and innovation. Those in love with sports have already joined and recommend. Of the news, two sports stand out and leave a lot of people wanting to practice. So today you will know a little more about them. Come on?

1 - Stand up paddle

This sport has already won overall. It is exciting and gives an incredible sense of well-being. But with the beach as background, impossible not to conquer. The scenery is already common for people who go to the beach: people paddling standing on boards. Practicing the stand up is to enjoy the adrenaline of the surf and, at the same time, the calm of a quiet day at the beach. In performance, the stand up does not leave anything to be desired. Practice requires balance and constant exercise of the legs, abdomen and arms. With wave or without, let's stand up!

2 - Crossfit

Workout, workout. The crossfit is for those who get heavy in training and want to exceed limits for each series. It is the method of strength training and general fitness & sports that gains more prominence in the fitness & sports world. Basically, the training focus points to three things: cardio-respiratory resistance, flexibility and strength. It is a true battery of exercises where you can go through practices like sit-ups, paddling, push-ups, squats, rope, among others, in a single day. Will you face it?

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