Did you know that it is perfectly possible to clean your entire home without using industrialized Cleanliness products? Many people have avoided, whenever possible, using these products, either because of allergies or to save money . In addition, the large amount of chemicals added to the formulas are extremely aggressive to the environment.

Remember that the faster they act on the dirt, the more toxic they are. You have to be careful about this, especially when you have children or pets at home. Here are some tips on the subject. Remember them on the next cleaning day in your apartment.


This is one of the most versatile products for Cleanliness of your home, as it disinfects, eliminates grease, removes stains, removes bad odors, is bactericidal

and eliminates rust. Use it to clean the inside of the refrigerator, especially those corners that are rusting. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Glass, windows and mirrors can also be cleaned with vinegar. For this, mix ΒΌ cup of the product with 4 cups of water and spread with a flannel. Finally, polish the surface with a newspaper to brighten.

In addition, clothes that are smelling of cigarettes are easily deodorized with the product. Simply dip them in a bucket with water and white vinegar. Then dry them as usual. If after cooking your hands smell like garlic and onion, wash them with vinegar and then rinse.


Cheap and present in everyone's house, the little white can help you clean bathroom or kitchen tiles. Apply it on a damp sponge and rub onto the surface and between the pieces. Rinse well and allow to dry. For a stronger effect, mix with baking soda, salt and water.

Also use it as a dish washing detergent. To do this, fill the dishwasher and cover with water. Add two tablespoons of the product over and let it act. You will find that it will be much easier to remove grease and the more embedded dirt.

Lemon and coarse salt

To leave your cutting board as new, forget the steel sponges as they scratch the surface. Instead, rub half a lemon on top, sprinkle thick salt and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then take the other half of the lemon and rub once again to an extra layer of Cleanliness. Finish warm water.

Maize starch

To clean carpets, sprinkle cornstarch and baking soda over top. I let it go for 15 minutes and then vacuum the vacuum cleaner. The blend helps remove dust and even eliminates unpleasant odors.


A part of ammonia mixed with 10 parts of water can leave your windows clean. Scrub the mixture all over the surface of the glasses. Finish cleaning with a cloth or paper towel. Few people know, but a raw potato cut in half can also be passed on the windows. Clean the juice that will drain with a cloth and that's it.

Posted on August 01, 2018 at 06:18 PM