The Most Forgotten Places in Cleaning

The cleaning in general is quite wide, who does domestic and business cleaning knows this. It is not a simple job, because when we start to clean, we realize how much of the tasks that appear during Cleanliness. There are various places, objects, furniture, corners and if everything is not done carefully, you may not perform the ideal Cleanliness.

We separate the places most forgotten at the time of cleaning and that must be sanitized.

List of most forgotten places in cleaning

Knobs: They are the champions of oblivion. The knobs accumulate a lot of dirt, because they come in direct contact with the hands that often comes from the street, where a high amount of germs and bacteria is concentrated.

To clean, moisten a cloth with alcohol and rub the knob to disinfect it. If the handle is delicate and subject to scratches, opt for a microfibre cloth, which guarantees an effective and risk-free cleaning.

Window cracks : The cracks also end up being forgotten, since the biggest concern ends up being with the windows. This is a mistake, as the cracks accumulate an even greater amount of dust, so when you clean your windows, remember them.

Here's how to do a full window cleaning here.

Sponges: Whether the bath or the dishes, also need attention. Because they are commonly moist, they end up accumulating a lot of bacteria.

To perform your hygiene: wash the sponge, wrap in a paper towel, put in a saucer and microwave for about two minutes. Another method of cleaning is to wash the sponge and leave it submerged in a container with boiling water for three minutes.

Know here the types of sponge cleaning.

Remote Control: Do you know how many times you've cleared the control of your television? These devices come in very close to our hand and end up accumulating a lot of sweat, in addition, we have the food that also accumulates.

To clean them is simple, just pass a cleaner with active oxygen between the buttons, using a cloth or a cotton swab for areas difficult to access.

Trash Can: The amount of trash bags stored in a trash can leave bacteria in the trash can. This happens mainly when a bag sticks, leaking liquids or even dropping an organic food in the can.

Ideally, you should clean the wastebasket after each collection using gel disinfectant as it is able to reach the hardest corners with long-acting fighting bacteria and germs.

Iron: More specifically, the iron plate should be sanitized every two weeks. This is because over time it begins to turn yellow as the use, transmitting to the clothes.

To clean, mix warm water and mild detergent in a bowl. With a cotton or microfiber cloth, immerse in the solution and thoroughly rub the iron sheet, including the steam outlets.

Switches and outlets: Switches are pressed by us many times during the day, that our finger with sweat and food goes through there again and again, if it is not cleaned at least once a week they end up becoming a large deposit of germs. The same goes for the outlets, which are used by us several times during the day.

The cleaning of these objects is extremely simple, just use a small cloth or cotton swab with active oxygen or bleach on the spot.

Toothbrush deposits: Because the toothbrushes are stored there and are generally moist, there is a great proliferation of bacteria through this moisture.

To clean, use alcohol or a solution with baking soda, this will eliminate the bacteria and will ensure a sanitized container for the brushes.

Blinds: Like blinds, blinds also need to be sanitized frequently, unlike curtains, they do not need to be placed in the washing machine.

To clean them, use a solution of chlorinated detergent or bleach to remove dust and grease. You can use an old sock like glove to reach all the corners.

These were the places we selected as the most overlooked in daily cleaning. Did you think there was any missing? Then leave a comment. Do not forget to check the post " Places that can be dirtier than a bathroom ".

Posted on August 01, 2018 at 06:19 PM