Meet 2 Sports that are Trend in the Fitness World

Summer is coming and, along with it, the motivation to stretch the workout and diversify your exercise routine a bit. The more action and free air, the better. Some sports are drawing attention because of adrenaline and innovation. Those in love with sports have already joined and recommend. Of the news, two sports stand out and leave a lot of people wanting to practice. So today you will know a little more about them. Come on?

1 - Stand up paddle

This sport has already won overall. It is exciting and gives an incredible sense of well-being. But with the beach as background, impossible not to conquer. The scenery is already common for people who go to the beach: people paddling standing on boards. Practicing the stand up is to enjoy the adrenaline of the surf and, at the same time, the calm of a quiet day at the beach. In performance, the stand up does not leave anything to be desired. Practice requires balance and constant exercise of the legs, abdomen and arms. With wave or without, let's stand up!

2 - Crossfit

Workout, workout. The crossfit is for those who get heavy in training and want to exceed limits for each series. It is the method of strength training and general fitness & sports that gains more prominence in the fitness & sports world. Basically, the training focus points to three things: cardio-respiratory resistance, flexibility and strength. It is a true battery of exercises where you can go through practices like sit-ups, paddling, push-ups, squats, rope, among others, in a single day. Will you face it?

Posted on August 01, 2018 at 06:20 PM