Food Substitutes: Are They a Good Idea to Lose Weight?

Food substitutes are prepared in different types that are advertised and are intended to replace a meal , be it breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

Even so, these food substitutes, which may seem a good option, are not in most cases and will never be a better option than real food.

There are some parameters set by law that determine the amounts of calories and specific nutrients that must contain to be considered food substitutes:

The calories of food substitutes should range between 200 and 400 kcal.

The amount of protein in these products should range between 25 g and 50 g per 100 g of product.

They must contain a maximum of 30 g of fat per 100 g of product, regardless of the origin of the product.

Neither a minimum nor a maximum content of sugar or carbohydrates is established .

Regarding vitamins and minerals , food substitutes should provide 30% of the different vitamins and minerals that are needed throughout the day.

Types of food substitutes that we find in the market

There are different ways of presenting food substitutes, but the most common are shakes and bars. Their flavors are also varied, although they dominate especially sweets, such as vanilla, strawberry, banana or different types of chocolate; It is a strategy used by brands to make people believe that with these food substitutes you do not have to give up anything. However, processed products never have a place in a healthy diet.

With what are they elaborated?

Usually, both bars and milkshakes are not made with quality products. To check it, it is only necessary to look at the list of ingredients of the product. Mainly, they contain free sugar and refined fats of poor quality , since, as we mentioned at the beginning, the legislation does not indicate where these fats should come from, which are usually palm or sunflower.

In addition, these sweet flavors can make the palate miserable and, in the long run, have more need to take more products of this type to satisfy this degree of sweetness that is not found naturally in any food.

Are meal replacements a good option to lose weight?

Although food substitutes contain few calories, to lose weight you have to look beyond. These products, on the one hand, are of a very low quality and, on the other, although they may seem a useful complement for a while, if you recover your eating habits once the goal is achieved, it is likely that you will recover the lost weight and have not served for nothing .

To lose weight, learn to eat!

Learning to eat well is much healthier and cheaper than opting for food substitutes, which are usually quite expensive products. Losing weight is not the only thing that should worry you, health and well-being are much more important.

Base your diet on the consumption of vegetables: vegetables, fruit, whole grains and legumes. Accompany them with meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Avoid processed products and products that contain many components in their list of ingredients on the label.

If you think you need help to lose weight or improve your diet, seek the advice of health professionals specializing in this field, dieticians-nutritionists . Go for a healthy diet and feel good!

Posted on August 01, 2018 at 06:20 PM