7 Mistakes You Make When Cleaning Electronic Appliances

Television, computer keyboard, remote control. These are just a few of the day-to-day common electronic gadgets that accumulate dirt and bacteria but need some cleanliness care. Did you miss the time to clean these items from your home? Find out below:

1. Do you spray the cleaner directly onto the TV or computer screen?

No matter what happens, never apply the cleaner directly to LCD surfaces, plasma or any type of sensitive projection screen. Add the product - specific for this type of appliance - onto a microfiber cloth and then clean the place.

2. Do you forget to hit the computer's keyboard crumbs?

You may even resist, but making a snack in front of the computer is inevitable. It does happen, there is no way. The next time your cleanliness on your keyboard, turn it with the keys towards the table and lightly tap it. Gradually you will see that the crumbs will magically jump out. If you have a toaster at home, the tip is the same. Another good tactic is to pass vacuum cleaner between the keys.

3. Do not clean the blender blades separately from the blender?

It may not seem like it, but it is likely that after hitting that vitamin and washing the blender cup without paying enough attention to the blades, some leftover food remains left underneath. Over time, dirt builds up and this may even compromise the life of your device. So wash each part of your liquefy with warm soapy water and then let it dry well before reassembling and storing. The same goes for food processors, okay?

4. Do not clean the TV remote control?

It's simple, just think of how many people, at different times of the day, take the remote control. Take a disinfectant and apply it a little on top of a cloth. Then just rub it, but make sure you wipe it well between the buttons and the entire length of the appliance. Repeat this operation at least once a week, it's quick.

5. Do you not sanitize the removable part of your headset?

Headphones that have a removable silicone cap can be thoroughly sanitized. Find out if yours brings this possibility, and if so, wash the silicone part, where bacteria build up, using mild detergent and water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly before attaching the back parts.

6. Do you only think about the outside of the coffee maker?

That is, there are no blemishes or dust in sight on your appliance, but when it comes to kitchen electronics, the interior is where the flavors of food can be harmed. Remember to clean the coffee grinder thoroughly after each use and descale the machine every month (the correct procedure for each type of appliance is described in the instruction manual).

7. Have you ever disinfected the phones in the house?

This situation is somewhat tied to the issue of remote control. Often shared, these devices come in contact with various hands and ears. To disinfect phones in general, use a microfiber cloth with a little alcohol.

Posted on August 02, 2018 at 01:16 PM