Learn How to Use Detergent Effectively in House Cleaning

Doing a complete house cleanliness does not require a large kit of cleanliness products, much less sophisticated and ultramodern items. The good old detergent, for example, is a powerful ally of household hygiene, because it has several versions, can be used on different surfaces and found in values ​​that suit all pockets.

First of all, it is important to know what types of detergents are available on the market and what they are for. According to personal organizer Bárbara Volnei, there are four:

Biodegradable Detergents

They have this name because they are susceptible of degradation by the microorganisms present in the waters. The detergents become biodegradable when the amount of phosphate present in the detergent is reduced. Recalling that only dishwashing gel detergents are biodegradable. Soaps powder and bar remain in the wild for a long period of time therefore they require prior treatment before disposal.

Neutral detergent

It is the most used in day-to-day cleanliness in homes and does not damage the floor.

Detergent Acid

It is suitable for heavy cleaning, such as post-work dirt (cement, oils, greases, etc.).

Alkaline Detergent

Removes all types of dirt, except those of mineral origin. It should be used with care so as not to damage the floor.

Still according to Barbara, there is another point to consider about detergents: your PH. It directly influences the identification of which product is most suitable for each type of surface. "For example: neutral (PH stabilized at 7): for removal of soils such as dust and dust, and other wastes; acid (PH between 0 and 7): ideal for cleaning rust, blood, cement, earth; alkaline (PH between 7 and 14): cleaning of dirt as animal or vegetable fat (fried foods, sauces, oils, greases, etc.), "she says.

But in addition to checking the PH of the detergent you are going to buy and following the above tips, it is imperative to read the instructions on the packaging before starting the cleaning, so you do not run the risk of ruining any area, it is what advises the personal too organizer Rafaela Oliveira: "Products with chlorine should be avoided on surfaces such as granite, marble and colored floors. It is also very important to know how to use chlorine products, otherwise they can stain a certain surface forever. Concentrated dishwashers are perfect in cleaning and safer".

For Rafaela, one of the great advantages of detergents is their saving power, since with a small quantity of the product it is possible to do an effective cleaning: "concentrated cleaning products are ideal to be diluted in water. It also has cleaning products in common packagings and spray cans (these are more economical as there is less waste at the time of application). Concentrated dishwashers are stronger and with just a few droplets they do dishwash efficiently."

The economy of the product is also due to the conscious use at the time of cleaning. That is, the amount of detergent and foam it does will not dictate the quality of the hygiene. On the contrary, excess product can leave the surface dull and stained. Therefore, in addition to the dilution in water, it is important to remove all the solution from the clean area with a damp cloth, so the cleaning will be complete and well done!

Posted on August 02, 2018 at 01:17 PM