8 X Trends Wedding Videography 2018



Yes, the new year is coming! And you know: a new year means a load with new and fresh trends! We have also spotted a number of cool trends in the area of ​​wedding videography . And believe us: your wedding day goes by faster than you think. With a wedding video as a reminder you can be sure that everything is captured beautifully ... Especially with one of these trends as the main theme!

1: The beauty shoot

We also chatted for this item with Royal Rushes - wedding clips from Amsterdam , which showed us a number of trends. An upcoming trend is to have a BRIDE BEAUTY SHOOT (BBS) made one year later . You as a bride are in the center again and your husband is completely happy with the surprise. You will be filmed and photographed throughout the day by a professional film and photocrew ,  with photos and film shot by you.

2: A step back: immortalize the proposal

With this trend we take a step back. And not just a step ... No, we're going back to the moment of the proposal ! Have you not been asked yet and do you suspect that your hub will soon make an attempt? Give him a sneaky hint that it seems 'so nice to you to be able to look back at least 10 times'. Is your sweet bad with hints? Leave that 'by mistake' this article open in your tab. Can not miss!

3: Your wedding anniversary on screen

Have you been married for ten years? Hurray, time for another party! Another trend that is upcoming according to  Royal Rushes - wedding clips from Amsterdam is to have your anniversary filmed as well. "It is nice and relaxed and it is also very nice to see who you were dealing with and with whom now." Totally agree! Do you remember? The real wedding of Astrid Blaauw in which she married for the second time? She too has recorded this 'jubilee' on film.

4: Double fun with a second shooter

Why go for a single videographer if you can have your wedding day recorded by two videographers? In this way you see the same beautiful moments from different angles and you also know that no one detail is overlooked! Oh, and how about the moments that you and your love are not together, like during the preparations? Can one cameraman nicely record your make-up session while the other crew member shows the pass session of your tad nervous upcoming. Many hands make light (and beautiful) work!

5: Consider filming from a tripod

The men from  Royal Rushes - wedding clips from Amsterdam  also said that 'contemplative filming' is an upcoming trend in wedding wonderland. This involves filming from a tripod with a long lens. The result? You almost do not realize that there is filming, which gives it a very relaxed atmosphere (and a great result). Again they have a too nice example movie for us.

6: Your first meeting place as a film location

Have you spotted each other for the first time in that one, slightly bad pub in Amsterdam or in the local swimming pool in your village? How cool is it to use this location as your film location? Even more fun is to redo your first meeting in short. A good dose of humor guaranteed!

7: No more DVD, but a USB stick or online display

Do you remember, formerly ... When too long wedding clips were delivered on a VHS tape or DVD? That is now a thing of the past! Meanwhile these clips are delivered on a USB stick or even online. Very compact and very easy to switch on! This form of delivery is also the best in today's society, because - even further in the future - most media players, telephones, tablets and computers can display snapshots by means of a USB stick or online. Long live the online era!

8: A videographer and wedding photographer who work together

Videographers and photographers competitors? No, they can work well together! The Royal Rushes crew says: "We work a lot with photographers, for example, when they do not have time to shoot photos in the morning, we can attack them, after which they will be present later. them, so that they make a complete gallery of everything. " A perfect joining of strength as far as we are concerned!

Posted on November 01, 2018 at 01:42 PM